The Government has tightened security measures around the country as it seeks to curb the spread of COVID 19. With immediate effect, only individuals designated as part of essential services will be the only people allowed in central business districts.

This was revealed by Information Secretary Ndabaningi Mangwana on Twitter.

The decision to tighten security comes at a time when Zimbabwe is experiencing an upsurge in COVID-19 cases and deaths.

The majority of Zimbabwe’s recent COVID-19 deaths have been confirmed only after a post-mortem.

Mangwana said:
Yesterday, 133 positive cases were registered. There are some cases of deaths which are awaiting test results on whether Covid19 was the cause. Security is being tightened to ensure only essential services can be allowed through to CBDs. We apologise for any inconveniences.
Government Tightens Lockdown: Only Essential Services Workers Allowed In CBDs

There are also reports that the country will next week embark on massive community testing targeting to reach at least 100 000 people in the coming few weeks.

The main thrust of the testing campaign is to identify, trace, and isolate all suspected cases.

This is part of new measures to curb further transmission of COVID-19.

Harare will conduct 30,000 tests with the help of the Higher Life Foundation and Mars.

The process would start off with rapid diagnostic testing (RDT), from which those positive will be tested again using the definitive method known as Polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Cabinet last week announced the imminent tightening of lockdown restrictions and localised lockdowns in hotspots amid concerns over rising cases.
The reopening of schools next week was deferred while the further opening up of the economy was suspended.

To date, Zimbabwe has so far conducted over 100 000 of both RDT and PCR tests from which 1 788 people were confirmed to be carrying the virus.

Of those infected, 803 have since recovered.

Zimbabwe has also lost 25 people to COVID 19.